About Me

Full Name : Suci Santy Risalah

Nick Name / Initial : Uchi / Risalah Husna [book-non fiction]
Was Born : Jakarta, April 07
Live : East Bekasi
Last Education : Bachelor of English
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About this blog
Actually, I want to make this blog just for reviewing and traveling topic. Yes, I try to do. But, sometimes I really want to share anything. Proof it, I still write another topic *lol*
Blog competition is always teasing me..
I hope this blog gives the advantages for reader.

1. Loveable Replaceable, Diva Press, 2013
2. Karena Aku Muslimah, Asrifa, 2013
3. Dear Suamiku. Diva Press, 2014
4. Second Chance, Diva Press, 2014
5. Aku Baik-Baik Saja, Diva Press, 2014
6. Antologi Emak, Indiva Media Kreasi, 2014
7. Nominator Lomba Menulis Dongeng Nusantara Bertutur 2014
8. La Tahzan! Kunci Bahagia Itu Simpel, Kok, Diva Press, 2015
9. Allah Tidak Rela Kau Menangis, Wahyu Qalbu, 2015

Media Experience
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